Web Marketing

You've heard it over and over, SEO will get you on the first page of Google for all your important keywords. Hogwash. If I had a dollar for every call I've received from so-called SEO experts I could retire. I have never seen a more worthless industry than Search Engine Optimization shops. All they do is promise you the world and deliver nothing. SEO happens with good web design. It doesn't have to be orchestrated. If you have good content and proper linking and link text, you've done about all you can do. The only other component is back links. Not many people have the time to contact website owners of quality sites in their industry and try to get them to link to their website. If you have great content even that can happen by itself. I'm not saying to ignore SEO altogether but don't have unrealistic expectations. 

If you want to be found in search engines, specifically Google - you have to buy your way there. SEM, Search Engine Marketing is the way to go. When we talk SEM we are talking about Google. Yes there's other search engines but they amount to 15% of searches combined. Spend your time on the search engine that drives the most results and that's Adwords.

We are Adwords experts. It takes knowhow to create a profitable Adwords Campaign. Anyone can create the account, choose 50 phrases, create an ad, point it to your website and forget about it. (And many do just that) It's a disaster. There are very strategic steps to creating a profitable campaign and if not followed you can lose money quickly.

I'll be covering some of the important guidelines in my next web update. 

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