Web Design

Web design has become an efficient process for us. We used to build websites from the ground up for each and every client which took weeks, sometimes months and the costs were fairly expensive simply due to the time involved. Once we began building site in Drupal, our process changed drastically. Yes, we still on occassion build sites from scratch but frankly you don't get any more than if you find a nice Drupal theme that already exists and start there. It still requires a good deal of modification to make the site personal to the client but you are only paying for modifications not construction. We have literally had websites up and live in 4 days. The concept is simple, why pay someone to create something that already exists. If you're like most you want:

  • An amazing clean look
  • Responsive design so it functions on all screen sizes
  • An administration back end with wysiwyg so you can add and modify content yourself
  • A color scheme that compliments your logo
  • A shopping cart
  • Searchable content
  • Video or rss feeds or you name it

This is what you can have by using Drupal and choosing a theme.

Contact us to get yours started.